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About us

JSC "Deta" started in 2007 and specializes in engineering systems design, construction and renovation. The company employs highly experienced professionals. Objects that do work, are spread all over Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevezys, Druskininkai, Кedainiai.

Activities would range from small works (inputs for private homes, sklendynų renovation, minor accidents in liquidation), to large-scale projects, expansion and renovation of engineering networks and mains, pumping stations, fire tank mounting and other major engineering projects in networks.

In 2011 Lithuania became a member of the Association of Builders.

The company currently employs 28 highly skilled employees.

Company vehicles: tracked excavator (22 tons), three-wheel excavator (16 tons), two wheeled excavators - loaders, bulldozer, three trucks, mini-excavators, skid steer loader.

The company entered into long term leases with "Kurtkoenig, UAB Transrevita, UAB Transdeima" for additional equipment rental as needed.

Main suppliers: UAB Sanistal ", JSC" Gairana, UAB Consena, UAB Skauduva, UAB INDUSTEK.

Clients: OOO YIT Kausta, LLC YIT Tech ", LLC" Building the direction, Ltd. Mitnija, SC "Kaunas Water, AB Giraitė waters, AB Municipal Service Center", LLC "Centromere", JSC "Kaunas energy Repair, LLC" Litcon and others ...


Press about us

Ltd. "DETAS" fosters a culture builder-engineer"
For more than five years, Ltd. “DETAS” specializes in internal and external engineering networks. The company's specialists actively involved in water projects in many regions of the republic. Pleasing rate, according to the company's director ”Egidijus Rackauskas, that this year the company has contributed to the development of water by laying as much as 15 kilometers in Lithuania.
Qualified employees of the Company water supply and sewerage networks, access roads provided the 96 plots quarter Kaunas region. Poderiskių t. Specialists of the company is currently carrying out the work in the project "Panevezys 330/110/10 kV reconstruction, as well as contribute to Lazdijai town water and sewage mains development.
According to E. Rackauskas Ltd. "DETAS" strategy - to focus on the workers, their training, skills development, and to ensure an adequate wage. This, according to the manager, helped to preserve and develop the extensive experience, highly qualified, and their specialty respectful staff. With combined knowledge and experience we are able to take their own efforts to implement the most complex construction projects related to our qualifications, ie engineering systems in the network and so on. "
Ltd. "DETAS" in 2011 which became the Lithuanian Builders Association (LSA) as a member, has continued to invest in the modernization of equipment and machinery, thereby facilitating employee productivity and profitability.
When asked how much attention is the chief executive officer of UAB DETAS – director their professional holiday, Builder's Day, Managing Director, said: I am pleased to welcome all of our fellow builders holiday, Builder's Day. I wish you good performance, interesting work, and most importantly health. "Guide also believes that happy, and that has been in existence for several years and brings together all the builders and the great efforts and assisting Lithuanian Builders Association. As has become customary, LSA annually brings together and promotes celebrate the professional holiday, which, according to E. Rackauskas are welcome.
UAB DETAS general director said, running the company were quite generous. You can enjoy the following projects carried out as a logistics center Avizieniai the Vilnius region., KMUK agriculture and infrastructure construction, the City of Kaunas., New construction - outdoor utility services water, domestic sewage and rain, land reclamation, Kaunas HE - general building repairs, Ukmere "Ukmerge - demolition and general construction works.
Company to carry out the work bag also featured many other more or less completed projects with the quality of the employees point of view, the work is to satisfy both the customers and the operators of the company. "It is our key to success and the highest ranking team" - enjoyed the company director. E. Rackauskas stressed that the company is always trying to foster a culture of engineering builder, honesty and respect for both fellow builders, and suppliers and customers.