Druskininkai Sports Training and Rehabilitation Centre, MK g. 115 - pool, outdoor communications networks.

    Water, wastewater and storm sewer work in Kaunas region., Ringaudai sen., Poderiškių km. Length of Network 6000

    Panevezys 330/110/10/kW D reconstruction of water supply, sewerage networks. Length of Network 3600

    KMUK of agricultural and building the infrastructure - water supply, wastewater treatment plants, pump installation. The length of nets in 2650

    Logistics Center - Rear storage buildings in the village, district of Riga - treatment plants, pumping stations, water well, fire tanks. The length of nets in 4070

    Agricultural equipment sales and service center Saviečių km., Pelėdnagių dream. Places to eat. weeks - the field of drinking water networks cast iron pipes, installation Kaunas Kaunas FEZ region. Biruliškių km.

    Valley Confluence latest pharmaceutical and medical technology field and the internal communication of non-residential construction building in science - scientific research and higher education institution, Eivenių g. 4 / rebel too. 17, Kaunas.

    Achema, Jonalaukis km. Purity of. - Kaunas Energy customer repairs.

    Wood furniture manufacturing technology and innovation in a practical training center for Peace Ave. 127, Kaunas - the field of water supply, sewerage and drainage systems, building heating, ventilation, plumbing and sewage systems installation.